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Millwood Juniper Forestry & Sawmill

Benefits of Juniper Removal

60 years ago, there were only 600,000 acres of Juniper in Eastern Oregon. Now, there are over 6,000,000 acres. Juniper trees are growing and proliferating faster than they are being removed. Juniper trees are oily, fire sensitive trees that are voracious consumers of water.  Juniper Trees are fire sensitive trees that burn hot due to their high oil content. In contrast, Ponderosa Pine trees are a much more valuable tree, and are fire resistant. Juniper trees consume a tremendous amount of water – frequently a single tree can consume 40 gallons of water or more every day.  

Other facts about Juniper Trees:

  • Significant negative effect on the local watershed and trout populations

  • Results in loss of native grass

  • Increased fire risk and fire intensity behavior secondary to drier fuels

  • Negatively impacts the threatened Sage Grouse

  • Decreases plant and animal biodiversity

  • Juniper trees are very difficult and expensive tree to cut down and mill, compared to traditional logging

  • Historically, Juniper end products have not been found to be useful

  • Historically, Juniper trees are more expensive to cut down than the value of wood obtained

Benefits of Juniper Tree Removal

  • Decreases risk for catastrophic wildfire with its threat to structures, people, and the environment. This results in decreased sight and environmental pollution from less wildfire smoke. Saves economic and firefighting resources for higher value forests.

  • Helps the local watershed

  • Improves stream flows and native fish habitat

  • Helps the threatened Sage Grouse

  • Improves plant biodiversity and encourages native grass growth

  • Improves animal biodiversity

  • In the transitional forest setting, removal improves the growth and health of the fire resistant Ponderosa Pine

Juniper Landscape Timbers

Millwood’s Juniper sawmill produces Juniper timbers that are rot resistant and chemically free. A typical pressure treated piece of lumber frequently only lasts 8-10 years and leaches harmful chemicals into the surrounding soils. Millwood’s Western Juniper landscape timbers will often last 65+ years and are chemical and preservative free.

Purchasing Juniper timbers from Millwood

  • Promotes Juniper removal which improves the health of the forest, benefits the local watershed, improves stream flows which aid local trout populations, decreases fire risk and fire intensity behavior, advances Sage Grouse preservation, and improves plant and animal biodiversity.

  • Creates working wage forestry jobs in Central Oregon

    • “The creation of one Western Juniper removal forestry job has the economic impact equivalent of 208 jobs in Multnomah County.”

      • Jason Yohanna Regional Economist - Oregon Labor Market Information

  • Juniper reclamation is a healthy alternative for the environment.

  • Buying locally, supports the local economy.

  • Creates a useful product from a Juniper tree that is usually considered worthless